True and Lasting Hope

We all need hope. However, both false hope and fleeting hope can be as bad as no hope. What we need is true and lasting hope.

In order to have this hope we must have a proper diagnosis of our situation. Our problems do not ultimately come from politics, jobs, finances, or physical health. Rather, our problems stem from a deeper and more fundamental issue: a broken relationship with our Creator.   

Human suffering, sickness, and death are symptoms. To have true and lasting hope we must look to the root cause of humanity's brokenness and learn what God is doing to heal it. Taking medicine to get rid of a pain in your side when the real issue is a cancerous tumor would be foolish. It may give hope, but that hope would be false and temporary.

Hope is not to be found ultimately in a vaccine, political rest, or social peace. Hope is to be found in a Person - the One who redeems us from our sins, reconciles us to God, and graciously provides for us a better future.  That Person is Jesus Christ. Click on the links below to view the videos and learn more about how you can have hope in Christ.

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