Common Questions

Q. What kind of church is Houghton Lake Baptist Church?

We are an Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Church focused on spreading the Gospel and cultivating disciples of Jesus Christ.  

We are independent in that we believe the local church is responsible directly to Christ.  

We are fundamental in that we believe it is necessary to hold to certain doctrines (such as Christ's virgin birth,deity, death for sin, and resurrection from the dead) in order to be a true Christian.

We are Baptist in that we hold the historic baptist distinctives as biblical characteristics of the local church.

Q. What are your worship services like?

Our services (including the music) are conservative and traditional with a view to exalting Christ instead of entertaining ourselves.

Q. What version of the Bible do you use?

We use the King James Version.

Q. Do you have Sunday School for all ages?

Yes! We have children's and teen classes as well as an adult and Sr. adult class.